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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Barcelona Cruise Ship

Barcelona plans to limit docking of cruise ships

You’d think thousands of travelers disembarking from cruise ships in Barcelona would be a good thing for the city. However, these tourists coming in from the many yearly cruise liners don’t book accommodation, don’t spend as much as you’d think, and contribute to city congestion. The huge Read More...

young woman sneezes in hands outside under tree with blossoms

Allergies got your nose? 4 Medication-free methods to unclog your sinuses

It’s very improbable that anyone has ever enjoyed having blocked sinuses, but unfortunately, with spring in full swing and summer just around the corner, many people with seasonal allergies are likely suffering from sinus headaches or finding that they can’t stop sniffling, which considering Read More...

Brussels is encouraging its co

Brussels is encouraging its commuters to hitchhike to work

Being one of the smallest truly global cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that Brussels is also one of the continent’s most congested ones. To help clear up traffic jams and the air pollution linked to it, the local government has recently taken on an ambitious commitment to encourage its Read More...