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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Cooperation beats contracting

Cooperation beats contracting for affordable homeless housing

A developer, homeless service providers, local church leaders, and a social impact investment manager have teamed up to demonstrate that cooperation between the private sector and non-profits can beat our traditional contractors when it comes to building housing for the unsheltered. They’ve Read More...

Make mine a co-op

Make mine a co-op

Joining a cooperative is one small step toward bringing locally sourced and organic groceries to your community - and one giant step toward food activism. Ursula Sautter | September 2010 issue At first, the task seemed impossible. Get 2,000 people, mostly strangers, to give $200 each to support a Read More...

A good kind of group think bui

A good kind of group think builds sustainable small businesses

Ernesto Sirolli taps into the collective genius of communities. Larry Gallagher | Sept/Oct 2009 issue If you happen to ride your bicycle to Ernesto Sirolli's Sacramento, California, residence, as I did, your effort won't go unrewarded. When he opens the garage door, you'll be treated to a glimpse Read More...