Coronavirus | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 14
Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

Alphabet creates coronavirus f

Alphabet creates coronavirus fund to continue pay for impacted employees

The coronavirus’s impact on the global economy is frightening and uncertain. The Optimist Daily is finding positivity in this volatile time with the help of our partners at Just Capital. They have shared numerous stories this week about finding the economic silver lining in the dark cloud of a Read More...

How self-quarantine and cancel

How self-quarantine and cancelled events reduce pressure on medical facilities

Globalized disease outbreaks create feelings of fear and distress in our communities. Canceling large events and gatherings, as well as staying at home when possible, is frightening as it disrupts our daily lives and routines, but understanding the rationale behind these actions brings more clarity Read More...

Blood plasma from coronavirus

Blood plasma from coronavirus survivors could be used to save lives

We’re as concerned as you are when it comes to coronavirus, and that’s exactly why our eyes are laser-focused on possible solutions for this infection. That takes us to Takeda, a Japanese pharmaceutical company that is using the blood plasma of people who’ve already fully recovered from Read More...

Hong Kong rolls out a robot-sa

Hong Kong rolls out a robot-sanitizer to disinfect its subway stations

Public transport is an essential component for any working city and vital to city dwellers who have to commute every day. Subways, in particular, are considered one of the most efficient means of mass transit, but they also have an inherent flaw that has become the center of attention at the moment Read More...

Cities to ban evictions for wo

Cities to ban evictions for workers affected by coronavirus response

The coronavirus is certainly a worrying development—and while it doesn’t necessarily feel that the federal government is acting swiftly enough to protect people, cities such as San Jose, California, are taking steps to help those who need it most. As you might know, someone trying to survive Read More...

Why AI is humanity’s bes

Why AI is humanity's best friend in the fight against coronavirus

With the fight against coronavirus still ongoing, scientists and medics are working as quickly as possible to find a cure. According to some organizations, the answer to a cure for coronavirus (and possibly any future disease) may be hiding in the dense networks of artificial Read More...