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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

This toilet turns South Korean

This toilet turns South Korean students’ poop into cryptocurrency

We live in a world driven by consumerism. So, it’s fitting that Cho Jae-weon, an urban and environmental engineering professor and researcher at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), has invented a toilet that turns what’s been literally consumed into green energy, Read More...

Digital Money

A Short Guide for Those Over 40 to Help You Understand “Digital Money”

Digital money will change more than just our economy-- it will change the way we use the internet. That means we should probably understand what is going on with all of this “crypto” stuff. Matt Hougan explains, “Those of us who are over 40 can remember a time when the internet stunk: When Read More...

Bitcoin’s new competitor to

Bitcoin’s new competitor to be backed by gold

Digital currency Bitcoin has blazed a new trail away from the established monetary system. In its wake, metals and technology company Anthem Vault is to launch the Hayek on May 25. The new cryptocurrency will be valued at 1 gram of gold at the day's market price, serving “as a more secure store Read More...