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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Water purification revolutioni

Water purification revolutionized by a sustainable 3D-printed "living" material

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, made an astounding discovery that could change the way we deal with water contamination. They developed a revolutionary "engineered living material" that promises not just effective pollutant removal but also sustainability and Read More...

Experiment: Blue-green algae c

Experiment: Blue-green algae could help make life sustainable on Mars

As astronauts are preparing for the upcoming space missions to Mars, scientists are now hard at work to find ways to make the red planet as hospitable as possible for human settlement. A recent experiment has found that the good old blue-green algae may play a key role in achieving that Read More...

Eco-friendly living concrete i

Eco-friendly living concrete is made from a mix of bacteria and sand

Despite its remarkable properties as a building material, concrete has a dangerous environmental footprint. Cement - the main ingredient for making concrete - is solely responsible for 6 percent of the world’s human-made carbon emissions. And while researchers have sought alternative means of Read More...

The way to Mars: bewildering d

The way to Mars: bewildering discovery of life found 2,000 feet below the ground

Cyanobacteria are life-sustaining micro-organisms that have played a key role in providing oxygen to our planet’s oceans and atmosphere, thus allowing life to flourish on Earth. It was believed that they can only survive in habitats with enough sunlight, water, and nutrients. But scientists were Read More...