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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024
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Happy Cow

This device helps farmers raise happier, healthier cows

Dairy farmers have a regular problem when it comes to testing their cows’ health and the quality of their milk. They have to ship milk samples to labs for each cow and wait on the results.  Two MIT alumni aim to help with their new device which gives the same results in 10 minutes.  Testing Read More...

State of Flow

The formula of “flow”: how we get in the zone at work

We’ve all experienced the fulfilling experience of “flow.” This is the immersive and usually elating state of mind we reach when we are creatively moving from one sentence to another deep into a writing project, reacting thoughtlessly and rapidly in a basketball game, or even operating at Read More...

Google rolls out new real-time

Google rolls out new real-time wildfire boundary maps

Having accurate wildfire data during an active blaze can help save lives and inform critical evacuation decisions. Amidst the wildfires ravaging California, Google Maps has launched a new service that provides real time wildfire boundary data.  The program was piloted last year in California Read More...

What we know can't hurt u

What we know can't hurt us

Why the world needs the right data. Amy Domini | September 2007 issue The Massachusetts shore has lured visitors and new residents to its fabled beaches and healthy lifestyle for generations. There you find bicyclists along the paths, older folks practising tai chi on the village squares and strong Read More...