Today’s Solutions: January 30, 2023
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Best. Year. Ever.

They can tell you anything about 2013. That it was a miserable year because of the ongoing crisis, the NSA leaks or the violence in Syria and Egypt. More than 10 million people in the Philippines were victimized by a typhoon. Of course, they’re right: 2013 was horrible. But don’t … [Read more...] about Best. Year. Ever.

The funny side of faith

Carmel Wrothl | August 2009 issue Mullah Nasrudin is a medieval folk hero claimed by many countries, including Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. He’s part court jester, part Socratic philosopher, and the many tales of his sayings and adventures are popular throughout the Middle East … [Read more...] about The funny side of faith

“You can be a tree”

Cynthia Beal, founder of the Natural Burial Company, thinks we should all become bushes, meadows or trees after we die. Marco Visscher | November 2008 issue What’s wrong with conventional burial? “Conventional burial typically has us preserved in formaldehyde-based fluid, … [Read more...] about “You can be a tree”

The end is a beginning

Discovering the true meaning of death. David Servan-Schreiber| September 2007 issue Daniel is getting ready to die. He is 32 years old. Like me, he is a physician. For months, his body has been under attack from a lymphoma that came out of nowhere. He often talks things over with … [Read more...] about The end is a beginning

Finally, a good talk

My father, free from the constraints of all those titles and roles. Tijn Touber | March 2004 issue I heard the news of your death in the dressing room of a television studio. The programme was over and I switched on my mobile telephone. Three messages. The first – and the last … [Read more...] about Finally, a good talk