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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

Expanding democracy: Michigan

Expanding democracy: Michigan opens new doors for formerly incarcerated voters

Malijah Gee's path from incarceration at the age of 17 to imminent freedom reflects the longing for a voice that has been suppressed for 36 years. A historic opportunity awaits him and many others: the chance to vote, possibly for the first time. He said, "I came here as a youth, so I was Read More...

Voting for Climate Champions

Three things to keep in mind when voting on climate issues this fall

Like anything else in a democratic country, making decisions on climate change doesn’t depend just on the sitting president. There needs to be a majority of elected representatives acting concertedly in the interest of the people and the planet. The November elections are as important as the Read More...

How ranked-choice voting stren

How ranked-choice voting strengthens our electoral system

The US electoral system is far from perfect, however, ranked-choice voting could be a viable and relatively easy-to-implement method to improve it. Back in 2019, New Yorkers voted to try this ranked-choice system for local primary and special elections, making it the largest voting population Read More...

Ireland has a brilliant approa

Ireland has a brilliant approach for creating a more participatory democracy

By now we’re all aware that democracy has some pretty big flaws. But that doesn’t mean it’s absolutely hopeless. Just look at Ireland’s bottom-up approach to policymaking, which is helping to spur real change on the country’s most contentious issues. Ireland has what’s called The Read More...

Mayors are taking over the wor

Mayors are taking over the world

Local government works on the front lines of democracy. Jay Walljasper explores whether mayors hold the key to achieving political progress and restoring people's faith in government Jay Walljasper| October 2006 issue Bill Clinton, a man whose self-deprecating charm has carried him far in Read More...