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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

New blood test could offer mor

New blood test could offer more personalized depression treatment

25 percent of individuals will experience a depressive episode in their lives, but current treatment methods largely rely on trial and error to identify an effective combination of medication and therapy. To offer more effective treatment paths, researchers from Indiana University are developing Read More...

FDA endorses psilocybin with B

FDA endorses psilocybin with Breakthrough Therapy classification

Just months after we dedicated a week to the magnificent mushroom, the FDA has approved psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound of magic mushrooms, as a Breakthrough Therapy for the second time this year. This designation means research can be fast-tracked into psilocybin’s application for Read More...

Time and again

Time and again

[caption id="attachment_240410" align="alignleft" width="354"] Photo: Alan Cleaver via Flikr[/caption]     Only when we see ourselves as creations of time and the past can we begin to live fully in the present.     Bryan Hubbard | March/April 2012 Issue Here are two fascinating Read More...