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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

Man suffering from itching skin wearing a black t shirt.

How do we measure itchiness?

Doctors commonly ask their patients to rate their pain from one to 10, although it is rare that we would be asked to scale our itchiness in this way. Gauging an itch Some readers may be wondering, why do we even need an itchiness scale? If you've ever had a condition which causes you to Read More...

Why great sex should be part o

Why great sex should be part of your skincare routine

Dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler, M.D. says that her patients who are looking to improve their skin’s appearance are often surprised when she asks them about their sex lives during a consultation. However, it turns out that you should consider sex as part of your skincare routine. And Read More...

This novel device developed by

This novel device developed by MIT grads could revolutionize dermatology

Seeking to deliver skincare treatments in a way that doesn’t involve needles or creams, two MIT grads started developing a device five years ago that delivers over the counter skincare actives by penetrating the skin with a fast-moving mist. Now, the recently launched technology holds promise to Read More...