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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Sleeper trains in Europe are m

Sleeper trains in Europe are making a comeback due to Covid-19

For all their promise of romance and adventure, Europe’s sleeper trains appeared to have reached the end of the line. Pressured by high operation costs and forsaken by travelers for budget airlines, a decision by the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn to terminate the service connecting Paris to Read More...

Germany will invest $95 billio

Germany will invest $95 billion in making its railway network greener

Rail travel emits less CO2 pollution than air or road traffic and Germany is well aware of this. Last week, the country’s railway operator Deutsche Bahn made a commendable move to slash its long-distance rail fares in order to get more people on its tracks and away from fossil-fuel heavy modes of Read More...

All aboard! Germany is slashin

All aboard! Germany is slashing train prices to motivate people to ditch planes

If we want people to stop taking flights, then we need to make it easier for the public to choose greener modes of transportation such as trains. Germany seems to be well aware of this. To kickstart 2020, the country’s railway operator, Deutsche Bahn, is slashing its long-distance rail Read More...