Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

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First study of dying human brain gives a glimpse into our final moments

For the first time ever, scientists have recorded the activity of a dying brain, and their discoveries have given some legitimacy to the common idea that our whole lives “flash before our eyes” before death. The remarkable thing is that the scientists weren’t planning on measuring the Read More...

New research links REM sleep a

New research links REM sleep and dreaming to healthy brain blood flow

Most of our dreaming occurs during REM cycles of our sleep, but there is still some debate in the scientific community surrounding the purpose of dreaming and different sleep cycles. Hoping to shed some light on why we sleep and dream, researchers from the University of Tsukuba decided to look at Read More...

Awake inside your dream: lucid

Awake inside your dream: lucid dreaming

Imagine, you’re asleep and suddenly in the middle of a dream you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming. Maybe you’ll try to guide your dream, maybe you’ll try to fly, or to change the world around you, but it’s more likely you’ll just wake up. Dreams in which you become aware Read More...