Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

This eucalyptus-based hoodie c

This eucalyptus-based hoodie can be composted in your garden

Just over a year ago, we wrote about Vollebak, a Dutch clothing startup making T-shirts that you can bury in your backyard once you’re through with them. That’s because the shirts are made entirely out of wood pulp and algae, which breaks down in soil and becomes “worm food” within months. Read More...

These colorful solar panels sh

These colorful solar panels show renewable energy can look beautiful too

There’s beauty in solar panels in that they capture light from our precious sun and convert it into electricity. With that said, the solar panel itself is not necessarily beautiful. To give solar panels an aesthetic boost, designer Marjan van Aubel has created a set of stained glass-style solar Read More...

A Dutch design studio is turni

A Dutch design studio is turning storm-felled trees into beautiful benches

When a powerful storm ran through the Dutch city of Eindhoven last year, nearly 1,000 trees fell victim to heavy winds and found themselves uprooted from the ground. Typically those felled trees would be thrown into a wood chipper and disposed of, but a Dutch design studio thought of a clever way Read More...