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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Abou Kbeir, Ash Sharqia Governorate- March 2017: A group of Palestinian children who live in Abo Kbeer

New report indicates that extreme poverty might be eradicated by 2050

A recent economic estimate predicts that the end of extreme poverty could be reached by 2050, thanks to economic growth in low-income countries. According to a Center for Global Development (CGD) assessment, even though the Covid epidemic reversed some progress in eradicating extreme poverty Read More...

Aiming for economic growth? In

Aiming for economic growth? Invest in transportation, not tax cuts

Cities are working hard to kickstart a post-pandemic economic recovery, and a big part of this effort is retaining existing businesses and recruiting new ones. Economic development expert David Zipper writes for Bloomberg that while many cities focus on tax breaks to attract new companies, Read More...

41 US states show emission cut

41 US states show emission cuts and GDP growth go hand in hand

Economic prosperity and environmental preservation are often portrayed as mutually exclusive goals. But do we really have to choose between financial health and a healthy planet for future generations? Research from 41 states across the US says no.   Research from the World Resources Institute Read More...

Fixing the free market

Fixing the free market

How co-ops—businesses in which the employees are also the owners of the company—merge economic growth with social goals. Steven van Yoder | October 2010 issue In Quezon City, a new approach to funding funerals is just one way the Inner City Development Cooperative is bringing fresh life to Read More...

The new sustainability

The new sustainability

Why we need more economic growth, not less, to create a truly viable future. Jurriaan Kamp | June 2011 Read More...