Today’s Solutions: July 23, 2024

Chile’s single-use plast

Chile's single-use plastic ban will cut over 23,000 tons of waste annually

In a major win for environmentalists and marine ecosystems, Chile has passed a plastic regulation bill that would cut the country’s plastic waste by over 23,000 tons per year. Among other things, the new law will take aim at reducing plastic waste in the food industry and will also introduce a Read More...

Indian startup turns black car

Indian startup turns black carbon into eco-friendly tiles

Carbon dioxide is often seen as public enemy #1 in the battle against climate change, but there are more dangerous substances for the environment. For instance, there is a substance called black carbon that is found in air pollution that absorbs one million times more energy from the sun than Read More...

Researchers create first-ever

Researchers create first-ever aerial map of Hawaii’s coral reefs

Earlier this month, we wrote a piece about Hawaii’s Hanauma Bay and how its incredible coral reefs are teeming with life thanks to the lockdown. Today, we bring your more good news from Hawaii as a team of scientists have created the first-ever aerial map of the island's precious coral reefs. Read More...