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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Computer prediction algorithm.

This algorithm makes predicting the future more accessible

Some professions require the prophetic task of using existing data to predict future outcomes as accurately as possible. This can come in the form of trying to predict the upcoming week's weather, estimating a person's risk of developing a disease, or anticipating the best time to sell Read More...

How Japan operates the worldâ€

How Japan operates the world’s most effective lost and found system

Have you ever lost a cell phone, umbrella, or jacket and wondered where it ended up in the world? Well, if you live in Japan, you stand a much higher chance of reconnecting with your long lost item. The country’s elaborate lost and found system has efficiently mastered how to reconnect items with Read More...

This high-tech toilet will rec

This high-tech toilet will recycle rainwater and keep a city cool

After a toilet-design competition, the San Francisco Department of Public Works has awarded SmithGroup the number one place for their innovative toilet design that recycles rainwater into this fully-functioning public restroom. The design is not only environmentally friendly for its efficient Read More...

Counting carbon: How accurate

Counting carbon: How accurate emissions reporting can help businesses help the planet

Amy Domini | Sept/Oct 2009 issue The planet is in trouble. Whether you call the problem global warming or climate change, we're facing an environmental crisis that's already reshaping life on Earth. Everything from polar bears to insurance companies will be affected. Smart investors—whether they Read More...