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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024
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Ancient tomb

Archaeologists examine ancient Egyptian tomb by smells

If you were asked to smell inside a sarcophagus, do you think you’d be excited? After a recent discovery in Egypt, though, more archaeologists certainly are excited and turning to smell as a viable tool to learn more about the past from what survived into the present.  Tomb of the architect and Read More...

Close-up of the Khuwy mummy

Old Kingdom mummy upends previous beliefs about Egyptian mummification

When we think of ancient Egyptians, mummies usually come to mind pretty quickly, and new research is shedding light on the mummification process of these ancient civilizations. Specifically on the fact that Egyptians were practicing mummification long before we previously thought. The 2019 Read More...

Egypt’s State Council sw

Egypt's State Council swears-in the nation's first female judges

Egypt’s State Council was established in 1946 and is an independent judicial body that deals with administrative disputes, disciplinary cases, appeals, reviews draft laws, decisions, and contracts that involve the government or a government-run body. And until recently, was exclusively Read More...

Egyptian music duo raises awar

Egyptian music duo raises awareness on feminist issues

ElBouma, an Egyptian musical duo, has released a new album that showcases the blending of old melodies with new rhythms, but more importantly gives voice to the girls and women in rural areas of Egypt with their lyrics that critique the sexism, patriarchy, gender-based violence, and other harmful Read More...

Researchers discover ancient f

Researchers discover ancient four-legged whale in Egypt

While it’s rather difficult to picture whales outside their vast marine habitats, the early ancestors of these gigantic creatures were actually terrestrial — and a recent discovery of new four-legged whale species brings to light more exciting evidence about the animals’ evolution from land Read More...

Miracle in the desert

Miracle in the desert

The Sekem industrial park in Egypt pioneers a sustainable future Marco Visscher | November 2004 issue This place was nothing but sand 25 years ago. Now a number of nature-friendly businesses are based here, proving that a clean environment and public health can coexist with a growing economy in Read More...