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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Light bulb with wood house on the table, energy concept.

How much energy? Your home energy questions answered

Every day we have a choice in which appliance to use. The kettle or the stove? A bath or a shower? Most of the time it's convenience and habit that automatically choose between our options. However, it may be useful to pause for a second and consider which is more efficient in terms of costs and Read More...

Retrofitting demonstrates the

Retrofitting demonstrates the profitability of green industry

Research has shown that it is possible for our world to be sustainable and profitable, but transitioning away from the fossil fuel industry requires the transfer of job skills. In England, this shift is already taking place with the growth of the green home retrofitting industry. The Manchester Read More...

This futuristic autonomous str

This futuristic autonomous street sweeper is incredibly energy-efficient

City streets around the world may soon witness a new cleaning vehicle that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie. Called the Trombia Free, the Finnish vehicle is the world’s first electric and autonomous street sweeper. The sweeper consumes less than 15 percent of the energy required by Read More...

Old-fashioned ways to stay war

Old-fashioned ways to stay warm at home and lower the energy bill

A good way to reduce your energy bill, as well as your environmental impact, is to turn down your thermostat. Doing so though can often make your house uncomfortably cool. Fortunately, there are many old-fashioned tactics you can employ to stay warm and cozy while making your home more Read More...

New solar panels are cheaper,

New solar panels are cheaper, more environmentally sustainable

Scientists from Northwestern University have created a new type of solar panel that is less expensive to produce, better for the environment, and could eventually be more efficient at capturing the suns rays and turning them into energy. Perovskite solar panels, solar cells with a crystal structure Read More...

Energy efficient homes

Energy efficient homes

If you live a green life, but haven't maximized the energy efficiency of your home, you're in for a big surprise. The carbon footprint of an average American household is 48 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is far above the global average. Housing is the second largest source of carbon Read More...