Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

Blue, red, and white NASA logo.

NASA’s plan to make space more accessible to all

Last year, one study rocketed forward the understanding of inclusive space travel. The AstroAcess project looked at requirements for sending people with different kinds of disabilities into space by creating a space-like environment in an aircraft free-falling from 32,000 feet down to Earth. It was Read More...

Why more companies should cons

Why more companies should consider adopting open hiring

The global pandemic has shaken up the world, restricted our movements, gave us time to reflect, and, in many ways, exposed the flaws of the systems we have in place that perpetuate social inequalities and disparities. Moving forward in a post-pandemic world requires us to tweak some of these Read More...

Pupils in need will be offered

Pupils in need will be offered free internet to study online

Lockdown-induced school closures have disrupted the education of millions of students around the world, but thanks to virtual classes many were still able to continue their learning. For those with disadvantaged backgrounds though, a lack of access to the internet has put a halt to their Read More...