Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2024

A Second U Foundation is empow

A Second U Foundation is empowering the previously incarcerated

For the formerly incarcerated, starting again can be an immense challenge. However, Hector Guadalupe, who was only 23 when his 10-year prison sentence began, found a way to help himself and others rediscover who they are and how to begin again. “When I was serving my time, throughout the Read More...

How Dave’s Killer Bread is b

How Dave’s Killer Bread is baking up opportunity by employing ex-convicts

After serving 15 years in prison, Dave Dahl and his brother, Glenn, went to work in their parents’ bakery with two goals - great bread and employment opportunities for ex-convicts. The company, which claims one-third of its workforce is comprised of ex-convicts, began their “Killer Bread” Read More...

Why giving ex-convicts a secon

Why giving ex-convicts a second chance can benefit everyone

We all make mistakes, but no one pays for their mistakes more in America than former convicts. A criminal conviction can make it almost impossible to get a job or housing, making it more and more likely for ex-convicts to resort to criminal activities to get an income. It used to be impossible for Read More...