Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

White dwarf star before explosion where X-rays will be thrown outwards.

An X-ray explosion of a white dwarf star captured for the first time

Everything comes to an end, even stars! When these burning balls of hydrogen and helium use up all their fuel they shrink to white dwarfs. In some rare cases, these dead stars can flare back to life in an extremely hot explosion, producing a fireball of X-ray radiation. For the first time, Read More...

An artist's depiction of a red supergiant star before it explodes.

Scientists record events before a supernova for first time

Before now, researchers have never been able to watch a supernova (a massive explosion of a dying star) as it plays out. Although, as the chaotic aftermath is widely available in the universe to observe, scientists could take a pretty good guess at what actually occurs during the deadly Read More...