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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Homemade fermented kombucha tea in a glass jar on a background of a white brick wall.

Here’s how kombucha is helping investigate ETs

Kombucha is a tea of many talents. The drink is made by fermenting sugar with bacteria and yeast cultures, with the result being a health-packed delicious beverage. Due to its unique properties, scientists are researching alternative uses for kombucha, including a kombucha-based wood or using the Read More...

NASA has created a map that sh

NASA has created a map that shows where ‘water ice’ is located on Mars

When there are so many problems that need to be taken care of on planet Earth, it can seem like a waste of resources to be searching for life beyond our planet. Regardless, the search continues, and we at the Optimist Daily feel a bit obliged to give the positive updates that come from this Read More...