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Three conversations with angel

Three conversations with angels

Someone up there is listening. Paulo Coelho | Sept/Oct 2009 issue Nobody is courageous all the time. The unknown is a constant challenge, and being afraid is part of the journey. What to do? Talk to yourself. Talk alone. Talk to yourself even if others think you've gone crazy. As we talk, an inner Read More...

Does God have a sense of humor

Does God have a sense of humor?

| August 2009 issue After 10 years as a trial attorney in New York City, Susan Sparks was burned out. "I was so sapped of energy that I couldn’t do anything but quit my job and drop out of my life," recalls Sparks, 46. In 1997, she began on a two-year journey around the world to figure out her Read More...

The funny side of faith

The funny side of faith

Carmel Wrothl | August 2009 issue Mullah Nasrudin is a medieval folk hero claimed by many countries, including Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. He’s part court jester, part Socratic philosopher, and the many tales of his sayings and adventures are popular throughout the Middle East and parts of Read More...