Today’s Solutions: February 23, 2024


Real family values

How suppressed emotions cut us off from loved ones and ourselves. David Servan-Schreiber | Sept/Oct 2009 issue   Tom had a successful career... in the mafia. He'd been a millionaire, able to have any woman he wanted, and rubbed shoulders with influential people. Yet when he … [Read more...] about Real family values

With Socrates on the sofa

Why the philosopher has as much to offer as the therapistJurriaan Kamp | December 2004 issue German philosopher Gerd Achenbach was concerned about the growing group of people who subjected themselves to endless analysis of their mental problems, which didn’t seem to make any … [Read more...] about With Socrates on the sofa

Playing with your emotions

Taking charge of feelings so they don't rule your lifeTijn Touber | March 2006 issueScreams, curses and lamentations… That was what was coming out of Jill's mouth. For 15 solid minutes she made clear to me that no one understood her and that her life was unbearably difficult. She … [Read more...] about Playing with your emotions