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Enjoy these 4 health benefits

Enjoy these 4 health benefits when you eat figs

Taking a bite into a ripe fresh fig is one of nature’s finest taste experiences. Your tongue will recognize flavors reminiscent of honey and mild berries, all while enjoying the jam-like texture of the fig. With October being the last month of fig season, now is the best time to enjoy one. If you Read More...

Fig season is coming. Here are

Fig season is coming. Here are the 4 health benefits of figs

If you've ever eaten a ripe fresh fig, you know they taste like a heavenly mix of honey and mild berry with a jam-like texture. But they're more than just delicious — they're super nutritious, too. With fig season just a month away, here are four ways figs can benefit your health. For Read More...

Cancer-fighting compound in fi

Cancer-fighting compound in figs and celery targets aggressive breast tumors

It is rare for a natural molecule to garner the attention of medical researchers for two completely different cancer-fighting properties, but the compound psoralen has done just that. Found in figs, celery and other fruits and vegetables, psoralen is already used to treat lymphoma—as well as skin Read More...