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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024
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Fiji’s coral reefs once agai

Fiji’s coral reefs once again boom with life after cyclone destruction

When Tropical Cyclone Winston struck Fiji back in 2016, it decimated the reefs across the archipelago’s Namena reserve and Vatu-i-Ra. But four years later, to the delight of researchers, the coral reefs in the region are now once again thriving with life and vibrant colors. Following a recent Read More...

14 nations come together to la

14 nations come together to launch plan to safeguard our oceans

In 2018, a panel of world leaders was established with the goal of creating a plan to achieve a ‘sustainable ocean economy’ in which our precious oceans are guarded against exploitation. The panel featured a mix of 14 developed and developing nations from around the world, including Norway, Read More...