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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

Captain of Commercial Fishing Ship Working with Sea Maps Surrounded by Monitors and Screens

Game of Trawls: How AI-equipped fishing nets could help reduce by-catch

While a very popular practice in the fishing industry, bottom trawling has long been criticized for its huge negative impact on marine ecosystems. A new device from researchers in France, however, could finally help make the method more eco-friendly. What is bottom trawling and why is it bad for Read More...

newly hatched sea turtle crawls in the sand

Cape Verde's sea turtle conservation efforts prove to be a resounding success

The West African island nation of Cape Verde is experiencing first-hand the rewards of years of conservation effort. In the past five years, Cape Verde has seen a surge in sea turtle populations across all 10 of its islands. According to the country’s environment ministry, last year’s nest Read More...

This fashion partnership is ma

This fashion partnership is making jackets out of old fishing nets

Fishing nets discarded in the sea pose a threat to marine animals and break down into polluting microplastics. Apparel and gear company Bureo prevents these nets from ending up in our oceans and gives them new life as upcycled sunglasses, skateboards, and even Jenga blocks. Now, the company has Read More...

Thai fishermen help turn disca

Thai fishermen help turn discarded fishing nets into virus protection gear

With 50,000 small vessels and 10,000 commercial ships, Thailand has one of the world’s largest fishing industries. This, however, puts a heavy environmental burden on the country’s natural environment as hundreds of endangered sea animals wash up on its shores every year, entangled and injured Read More...