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Today’s Solutions: June 23, 2024

California forest managers are

California forest managers are rethinking reforestation patterns to tackle wildfires

When a wildfire tears through a region, the first priority for conservationists is to begin replanting some of the habitat destroyed by the blazes, but in the face of climate change, some forest mangers are rethinking what this planting should look like. In Eldorado National Forest, researchers and Read More...

The UK is seeing a surge in co

The UK is seeing a surge in community forest projects

As the effects of climate change become harder and harder to ignore, communities from all over the globe exerting more effort to reverse generations of unsustainable and damaging practices. Take, for instance, the local climate-change group from a village on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in Read More...

This bike path allows its cycl

This bike path allows its cyclists to become one with nature

How do you get people to cycle more? Well, you could offer them the opportunity to do it in harmony with the natural environment. At least, that’s what the Belgian government had in mind when building a bike path through the trees of one of the country’s rural woods. The path, which has been Read More...

Charcoal-coated seeds could he

Charcoal-coated seeds could help reverse deforestation in Kenya

Deforestation is an immense problem for the Kenyan people. Each year, a staggering 120,000 acres of forests are lost due to illegal logging and urbanization. That also leads to a serious water shortage in the country because trees collect, filter, and release rain into streams and rivers. In an Read More...

Why forests are the best ̵

Why forests are the best 'technology' to stop climate change

The warning from the world's top climate scientists that carbon dioxide (CO2) will need to be removed from the atmosphere to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is both a due and dire recognition of the great task in front of Read More...