Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2024

Scientists use an ultra-thin s

Scientists use an ultra-thin slice of wood to make seawater drinkable

As global warming worsens on our watch, there might eventually come a time when drinking water is harder to come by for a lot of the world. That’s why we need a better way to convert salt water to potable drinking water in case of emergencies. Inspired by the intricate system of water circulating Read More...

Blue Energy: A potential sourc

Blue Energy: A potential source of renewable energy

What do you get when saltwater and fresh water meet? A clean, renewable source of power called blue energy. Diane Daniel | March 2009 issue The blades stutter a bit at first, but after a couple of halting starts, the tiny propeller on the miniature windmill is soon turning at top speed. The fuel: Read More...