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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

US will stop financing fossil

US will stop financing fossil fuel projects abroad

The US government has officially halted federal aid to overseas fossil fuel projects. The new policy comes after the US joined nearly 40 other countries in a COP26 pledge to end foreign fossil fuel financing by the end of 2022. The funding change will mean no more US financing for coal plants, Read More...

The European Investment Bank w

The European Investment Bank will stop financing fossil fuel projects as soon as 2021

After seeing a massive boost for climate action and sustainability from the world’s finance sector during this year’s UN Climate Summit, the EU’s financing department has recently taken it one step further by adopting a new, game-changing energy lending policy. The European Investment Bank Read More...

Fixing the free market

Fixing the free market

How co-ops—businesses in which the employees are also the owners of the company—merge economic growth with social goals. Steven van Yoder | October 2010 issue In Quezon City, a new approach to funding funerals is just one way the Inner City Development Cooperative is bringing fresh life to Read More...