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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Computer prediction algorithm.

This algorithm makes predicting the future more accessible

Some professions require the prophetic task of using existing data to predict future outcomes as accurately as possible. This can come in the form of trying to predict the upcoming week's weather, estimating a person's risk of developing a disease, or anticipating the best time to sell Read More...

The power of hope and how to b

The power of hope and how to build it

A 2019 study found that optimism can boost your lifespan by 11 to 15 percent. It’s also associated with a lower risk of chronic illness and improved mental health. Hope is a big component of optimism, but it can be difficult to muster up hope during difficult times. We all want to reap the health Read More...

Here’s what the hyperloop sy

Here’s what the hyperloop systems of the future might look like in urban areas

We've seen a lot of technical exploration around how a hyperloop system might one-day fling humans and goods across the Earth at the speed of sound inside low-vacuum tubes but not much about the structural elements that would hold everything in place. That’s why startup HyperloopTT has teamed up Read More...

This futuristic energy-produci

This futuristic energy-producing house was primarily built by robots

If you want to take a peek into what the future of home design holds for us, you should have a look at this newly completed house in Dübendorf, Switzerland. Once inside, you’ll be whisked away to a world of science fiction. From the swirling grooves on the 3D printed ceiling panels to the Read More...

A call for guts

A call for guts

The future depends on mastering the art of positive courage. Lappé Frances Moore | November 2008 issue Like a lot of us, I keep asking myself, How did we get into this mess? Since humans have innate needs and capacities for cooperation, empathy and fairness, which science now confirms, why does Read More...

Chasing the Cheetahs

Chasing the Cheetahs

More than 40 percent of Africa’s people are under 15—and they’re getting ready to change the way the continent works. Vijay Mahajan | September 2008 issue In the centre of Harare, Zimbabwe, a two-story retail shop is filled to the brim with the hopes of African parents for their children. Read More...