Today’s Solutions: May 25, 2024

Advancements in vision restora

Advancements in vision restoration: CRISPR gives hope to patients 

In a revolutionary development, CRISPR gene editing emerged as a beacon of hope for people suffering from genetic blindness. The results of a Phase 1/2 clinical trial revealed promising results, sparking confidence in the medical world and providing a ray of hope to people suffering from vision Read More...

Illustration of a world map drawn out with realistic people seen from above on white background to represent all the people of the world.

Scientists create family tree of 27 million ancestors

If you had to guess, how many ancestors would you say that you had? If you consider that homo sapiens, a.k.a humans, came into existence on this Earth around 200,000 years ago that’s a lot of ancestors to add up. How many ancestors do you think you have? Scientists from The University of Oxford Read More...

Hydra vulgaris floating in front of a black background.

Headless Hydras: Unlocking the secrets behind their immortality

What are hydras? Scientists often take inspiration from nature to tackle problems facing human kind. The latest case of this is a study looking at Hydra vulgaris, a marine animal that is considered immortal! The tube-shaped creatures are one to three centimeters long. They reside in freshwater, Read More...