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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024


Mummified mammoth accidentally discovered in northern Canada

Paleontology and archaeology can sometimes get a helping hand in unexpected places. A gold miner in Northern Canada was digging through the permafrost and stumbled across a mummified baby wooly mammoth.  Grant Zazula, paleontologist for the Canadian territory of the Yukon said the Read More...

Early Earth rocks

An extinct rock may’ve made life on Earth possible

By delving into our past, we afford ourselves ways to learn about our present and our future. Planetary scientists from Yale University have delved very deeply into our past and discovered perhaps how life was able to form on our planet.  Earth’s uninhabitable period In the first 500 million Read More...

Perseverance rover successfull

Perseverance rover successfully collects rock samples on Mars

Seven months after NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars, the space agency has announced that their rock-scooping robot has officially managed to collect some samples from the red planet. Although the bulk of the study of these samples will be done when the rover returns to earth, this Read More...

Earth’s rocks play a huge ro

Earth’s rocks play a huge role in carbon storage

Next time you walk outside, say a little thank you to the ground beneath your feet. It is storing far more carbon than we previously knew. Carbon is stored in all living beings, but work by the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) has revealed that 90% of our planet’s carbon is stored underground. Read More...