Today’s Solutions: June 08, 2023

global economy

We’re getting richer

Think about it: These days, most poor families in the West have phones, TVs, washing machines and cars. The tap water is clean, and the food is safe to eat. We’re not trying to play down the problem of poverty, but these conditions are a vast improvement over those in, say, the … [Read more...] about We’re getting richer

Stars on the rise

Europe is a philosophy to be reckoned with. Luke Disney | October 2003 issue ‘Where is the world going: toward perpetuation of rule by power, or instead evolution to communities of consent?’ Graham Fuller, former vice-chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council, put a … [Read more...] about Stars on the rise

Government Inc.

New WTO negotiations, but the harmonisation of national regulations deals a blow to democracy. Marco Visscher | August 2003 issue When fresh World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations start in mid-September in Cancun Mexico they will include discussions on foreign investments. … [Read more...] about Government Inc.

Going, going, GATS

More and more people are turning against the sell-off of public servicesMarco Visscher | March 2003 issue All over Europe, thousands of people are rising up in protest against the lack of democracy and openness surounding a new trade agreement. The European Commission is … [Read more...] about Going, going, GATS