Today’s Solutions: June 01, 2023


A new style of superpower

India is emerging as one of the powers of the 21st century. Yet Indian novelist Pankaj Mishra says it will progress on its own terms, reinventing the whole notion of modernity in the process. Pankaj Mishra | May 2006 issue In India late last year, a senior police officer appeared … [Read more...] about A new style of superpower

Signor Slow

Ode dines with Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement, who believes pleasure can save the world. Marco Visscher| September 2007 issue This is no ordinary chicken on the table. Two days earlier it was stuffed with fresh herbs and then cooked in a wood-fired oven for a … [Read more...] about Signor Slow

Let them in!

Why rich countries should open their borders to less-skilled migrants. Philippe Legrain | April 2007 issue We take it for granted that restrictions on the movement of people should exist. In particular, we assume that it is normal and desirable that people in poor countries … [Read more...] about Let them in!