Today’s Solutions: June 21, 2024

happy grandmother is embraced and kissed on the cheek by loving granddaughter

Scientists confirm: Grandmas really do love their grandchildren a lot

Even though many of us already have a strong inkling that our grandmas love us, it’s always nice to get confirmation. The researchers explored the brains of 50 grandmothers while they were shown an array of photographs—some were snaps of their grandchildren, while the rest of them were Read More...

Grandmother’s Day:  A chance

Grandmother’s Day: A chance to show what grandmas have to give

In an effort to preserve the knowledge and skills of grandparents, famous Irish chef Darina Allen launched Slow Food International Grandmother’s Day, to be celebrated every April 25th. Sanra Ritten | May 2009 issue Is Grandmother’s Day just a ploy to persuade people to buy grandmothers Read More...