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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

What are green roofs and shoul

What are green roofs and should you consider one? The history and benefits of green roofs

Green roofs, a millennia-old notion, have grown from ancient customs into modern marvels of sustainable construction. These living roofs, which combine plants and shelter, have a rich history that inspires architectural creativity even now. Green roofs at the roots: from ancient practices to Read More...

Rooftop garden Dakakker (Rooftop Field) in Rotterdam

Why we need more rooftop gardens in a changing climate

As you may know from personal experience, summers tend to be much hotter in the city than in the countryside. This phenomenon is called the “urban heat island” effect. This difference in temperature happens in large part because urbanized areas have a greater concentration of buildings and Read More...

Green roofs effective for adap

Green roofs effective for adapting to climate change

A study headed by researchers of the Water and Environment Engineering Institute of Valencia's Polytechnic University (IIAMA-UPV) shows that green roofs are an effective measure to adapt to climate change in the Mediterranean, as they offer positive hydrological performance and reduce the creation Read More...