Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2024

hands hold hairbrush with clump of hair caught in its teeth

New treatment helps alopecia patients regrow their hair

After Chris Rock received a slap from Will Smith at this year's Academy Awards because of a G.I. Jane joke he made concerning Jada Pinkett Smith’s new look, people are undoubtedly more aware of the condition of alopecia.  What is alopecia? For those who haven’t looked it up yet, alopecia Read More...

How hair-regrowth tech could a

How hair-regrowth tech could actually reverse age-related hearing loss

A landmark study presents a novel hypothesis to explain the age-related hearing loss, challenging the prevailing view that has dominated over half a century of medical science. The new research offers evidence to suggest an age-related hearing loss is primarily caused by accumulated damage to inner Read More...