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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024
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red footed tortoise

Family's tortoise missing for 30 years turns up in the attic

Pet owners everywhere would agree: the loss of a pet is a difficult event to process—especially in the case of a missing pet. Dealing with the ambiguous loss of a pet gone missing is exactly what the Almeida family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, went through in the 1980s. During a home renovation, Read More...

High angle of simple wooden figurines of childless couple placed amidst multiracial families with kids on beige background.

3 reasons it’s completely okay to not want children

There is a commonplace portrayal of a happy and loving family on television and in most media. This is the typical nuclear family of a married couple with a few kids. Unfortunately, people who choose not to have children, especially women, can face judgment, the implication that they're selfish, or Read More...