Today’s Solutions: February 05, 2023

health & wellness

Making love a meditation

From The Intelligent Optimist Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 A conversation with Diana Richardson By Jurriaan Kamp And Nancy Reed Years ago two Dutch comedians did a great sketch. Ridiculing people’s needs always to be competitive, they introduced a new version of ping pong, which … [Read more...] about Making love a meditation

The dehydration myth

From The Optimist Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 If you find yourself confused about whether to drink eight glasses of water a day or twenty, chances are you’re overthinking it. There’s a perfect system that tells you when you need to drink: It’s called thirst. By KARIN … [Read more...] about The dehydration myth

Speaking from the heart

Possibility From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 When it comes to avoiding heart attacks, new studies suggest the best medicine might be music, prayer, and just having someone to talk to. “Coronary heart disease is not just physical but also has a psychological component,” … [Read more...] about Speaking from the heart

Doctors without orders

Possibility From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014   “We will once again give you the facts that show that our secretary of health, Adonis Georgiadis, is lying systematically and shamelessly.” This statement is flaunted on the home page of the Metropolitan Community … [Read more...] about Doctors without orders

I don’t believe in diets

From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Kris Verburgh knows how you can age well and lose weight, but don’t call him a diet guru. By Marco Visscher Many pages into writing his new book, Kris Verburgh realized the truth. Darn it, he was writing a diet book! This from someone who … [Read more...] about I don’t believe in diets