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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

surgeons operate heart transplant

Doctors transplant pig's heart into human patient for the first time ever

A remarkable milestone in medicine was reached by doctors in Maryland who have successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig’s heart into a human patient in a do-or-die situation. David Bennet, a 57-year-old handyman, was the recipient of this life-saving operation. He knew that the Read More...

First artificial heart transpl

First artificial heart transplant in the US deemed a success

On average, 17 people die each day in the US because they aren’t able to get an organ transplant in time. That’s what makes the emergence of artificial organs such an exciting development in the world of medicine — and that’s also why the news about the successful completion of the first Read More...

6 Kids successfully receive he

6 Kids successfully receive heart transplants thanks to brilliant machine

While heart transplant surgeries have saved numerous lives, far more lives could be saved if there were just as many organs available as people in need of heart transplants. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Most patients will spend time on a transplant waiting list, and many will never find a Read More...

Lab-grown heart cells transpla

Lab-grown heart cells transplanted into human body for the first time

In what is a world-first and potentially the dawn of a new medical technology to treat damaged hearts, scientists in Japan have succeeded in transplanting lab-grown heart cells into a human patient for the first time ever. The procedure involved harnessing the incredible potential of induced Read More...