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A guide for using the old herb

A guide for using the old herbs and spices in your pantry

Chances are you have some spices and herbs in your kitchen that have been around longer than you can remember. The question is: can you still use them? Spices beyond their expiration dates aren’t going to make you sick, but they’re not going to be as potent as they used to be. If you have a Read More...

Chinese herb offers hope again

Chinese herb offers hope against neuropathic pain

A small, flowering plant from China offers exciting news for the 50 million Americans who suffer from neuropathic pain, for which there is currently no reliable treatment. Roots of Corydalis yanhusuo have been used traditionally to relieve menstrual cramps, stomach and chest pain and other Read More...

The subtleties of sage

The subtleties of sage

Why cooking is a lot like communicating. | April 2008 issue Every language has a limited number of words and finite grammatical rules. Yet we can use them to create an endless number of sentences and tell countless stories. The same applies to cooking: The number of ingredients is limited and the Read More...