Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

Is your houseplant leaning to

Is your houseplant leaning to one side? Here’s how to fix that

When a plant is outdoors and surrounded by 360-degrees of sunlight, its auxin (plant hormone) levels are evenly distributed, and it can grow straight up towards the sky. But when you put a houseplant indoors by a bright window, it only gets light from one side. This causes the plant to grow Read More...

Why you should take your new h

Why you should take your new houseplant out of its plastic pot ASAP

When you purchase a new houseplant, chances are it will come in a plastic pot. Your first order of business should be to transfer the plant from its plastic home into a bigger, more decorative container. And while it’s alright to keep the plant in a plastic pot for a little while, the best thing Read More...

A quick guide to keeping house

A quick guide to keeping houseplants pest-free

Many plant parents out there are all too aware that their precious plants can quickly become havens for pests like gnats, spider mites, and aphids. But have no fear—saving greenery from bugs doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a quick guide to keeping your plants pest-free. Common causes of Read More...