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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

woman looks dissatisfied with spring cleaning products

3 eco-friendly swaps to “green up” this year’s spring cleaning

A common response to the increase in sunshine and fresh spring air is an undeniable desire to purge the heaviness of winter from our homes and make everything feel as clean and new as the budding light-green baby leaves on the trees outside. Even though spring cleaning can be hard work, Read More...

Use salt to make powerful toxi

Use salt to make powerful toxin-free cleaners

Salt is the world's most common seasoning, but its uses go far beyond the kitchen. The coarse texture and its ability to soak up water make it a great substance for general cleaning and stain removal. Here are 12 ways you can use salt to make powerful, effective, and toxin-free household Read More...

This company wants to clean up

This company wants to clean up the household cleaner industry

The household cleaning aisle at the store features dozens of spray cleaners for different surfaces, and the ingredient lists are a mile long with chemical names that are impossible to pronounce. While many of those cleaners are effective for getting rid of dirt and germs, some of the chemicals Read More...