Today’s Solutions: June 19, 2024

Hydraloop: This system lets yo

Hydraloop: This system lets you recycle water in your own home

Imagine how much water and energy we could save if we recycled all the wastewater that goes down our sinks and shower drains right in our own homes? In a bid to make such a scenario a reality, startup Hydraloop has engineered a simple water recycling system that can be used in any building or home, Read More...

A 4-person family could save 2

A 4-person family could save 20,000 gallons of water annually with this recycler

With concerns over water scarcity on the rise, companies are increasingly looking to give people ways to reduce their water consumption. For Hydraloop founder and CEO Arthur Valkieser, the answer was clear: Build a device that gives homeowners and building developers a way to sterilize and reuse Read More...