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Turns out there are ice volcanoes on Pluto. Here's how they work

We learn more fascinating and otherworldly things about our universe the farther out into space we explore. Some of our discoveries bend our understanding of science, and some completely baffle us. This is the case now that scientists have confirmed that there are, in fact, ice volcanoes on Read More...

Endurance Ice

Famous missing ship has been found in the Antarctic

There have been plenty of famous shipwrecks on Earth: The RMS Titanic, The Nuestra Senora de Atocha, The Mary Rose. Now thanks to recent findings from a group of marine archaeologists, another ship can be added to this list of impressive wreckages, The Endurance. Endurance is the lost vessel of Read More...

Nature's Giants- Icebergs in Greenland, under summer’s permanent daylight. What we see often is only a fractional part of what it really is. The whole truth is often hidden from view.

Submarine to explore the underside of Greenland’s glaciers in a first

Scientists are desperately trying to save the world’s glaciers. As they hold a large amount of water and carbon dioxide, it is essential that we slow the demise of these structures for the climate's sake. We’ve previously written about a group using special mountain blankets on Mount Titlis Read More...

Falling ice cube, isolated on white background.

Levitating ice leads to deeper understanding of energy

Believe it or not, scientists have been levitating water since the 18th century. The Leidenfrost effect was first described in 1751 by a German doctor and theologian, who named the phenomenon after himself. Using a high temperature plate of 150˚C, he observed that a water droplet could be made to Read More...

Car on an icy road

More cities are using beets to beat icy winter roads

Many cities with harsh winters turn to salt to melt ice and make roads safer, but while this helps out drivers, it doesn’t do the environment any favors. Fifteen to 17 million tons of road salt are used on US roadways each winter, contaminating waterways and natural ecosystems while degrading Read More...

Photograph of ice.

World record broken for coldest temperature ever recorded

With our current knowledge of how temperature works there is no upper limit, this means materials can keep getting hotter and hotter to no end. This is not the case for lower temperatures, with the coldest being termed absolute zero, at -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit or -273.15 Celsius, but scientists Read More...