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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024
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Bust out of your creative block quickly with these 4 exercises

When the creative part of your brain just can’t come up with new ideas, sometimes it’s effective to try a new approach. With that in mind, here are four exercises that can help you get rid of the creative block in less than 10 minutes. Shadowing When you get stuck, think of a creative hero Read More...

This startup wants to stop hur

This startup wants to stop hurricanes in their tracks. Is it possible?

It seems like an outlandish idea, but a Norwegian startup called OceanTherm believes it can prevent catastrophes by stopping hurricanes as they develop. Hurricanes are more violent than ever, and a big part of that is rising ocean temperatures: just a one-degree rise in surface temperature can Read More...

Why painting eyes on the butto

Why painting eyes on the buttocks of cows can save them from predators

Being a cattle-owning farmer in Botswana is no easy feat. To keep their animals safe from hungry predators like lions, ranchers in the region often have to use costly fencing to separate the cattle from the carnivores, and sometimes the farmers may even kill the predators. But a new study shows Read More...

Four things we can change to r

Four things we can change to reduce police violence in America

Calls for police reform have never been louder, but in order for actual reform to take place, we need to make concrete changes that work to keep citizens safe while holding police accountable. The people over at Freethink have written four things we can do to end police violence in America. You can Read More...

Researchers imagine system whe

Researchers imagine system where EVs charge each other on the roads

If airplanes can refuel each other mid-air, then why not electric cars? A weird and wonderful, if probably impractical, idea out of the University of Florida would see vehicles in high-speed convoys sharing energy in a peer-to-peer model. To understand how it works, let’s first read a passage Read More...

Starting the school year off w

Starting the school year off with school supplies for all

Starting today in many communities, school is back in session!  For many around the world though, the simplest things, like pencils, notepads, books, and erasers are beyond reach.  This nonprofit is doing something that makes perfect sense: donating used school supplies to teachers in need. While Read More...

How to rewire your brain to fe

How to rewire your brain to feel more happiness

Recent studies show that your brain can be rewired through neuroplasticity.  This means that you’re able to delete negative brain connections to improve or even eliminate anxiety, along with other forms of chronic negative thought processes. There are many ways you can start to change the brain Read More...

Want to get your ideas out the

Want to get your ideas out there? Learn to become a better writer

Your ideas will never take off if you lack the necessary tools to get them out into the world. By cultivating your ability to write, you can harness one of the best tools there is for putting your ideas into practice. Have a look at these tactical pieces of advice to help you become a better Read More...

Thinking allowed

Thinking allowed

The Hub wants to be the social innovator with a centre everywhere and circumference nowhere. Lillian Kennett| March 2008 issue   One morning last December, Briony Greenhill gleefully brandished five copies of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest—Christmas presents for her family. Read More...