Today’s Solutions: July 23, 2024


This program seeks to end homelessness and incarceration

We decided to dust off this important solution from not long ago.  Several factors can lead to homelessness: a lack of affordable housing, high costs of living, and even, sadly, mental illness. Another factor that contributes to homelessness, which is often overlooked, is Read More...

This new approach to parole he

This new approach to parole helps reduce recidivism

Recidivism is a term that describes the tendency of previously incarcerated individuals to become reincarcerated一and it’s a huge problem in the US. America’s justice system is notoriously problematic, with criticisms ranging from a fundamental disagreement on what should be illegal to how Read More...

Prisons often reject letters t

Prisons often reject letters to inmates. This app stops that from happening

If you have a loved one in prison and want to contact them, generally you are allowed to call, email, or video chat with them. The only problem is prisons can charge a fortune for these services, leaving physical mail as the best and sometimes the only option for people behind bars. But mail Read More...