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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024

Illustration of the Bacteriophage Virus that infects and replicates within a bacterium.

This could be the start of the end for drug-resistant bacteria

The increasing occurrence of drug-resistant bacteria is a huge obstacle humans have to overcome to save lives across the globe. Researchers have done all they can to be prepared against this challenge, such as creating a model which calculates the chance of resistance against different drug Read More...

Surgical stitches with an attched electronic sensor to monitor deep surgical sites.

This biosensor can detect infections post surgery

Preventing infection is vital after surgery to avoid a range of complications. Currently, to monitor the progress deeper in the surgical wound a clinician needs to assess the site or expensive radiological tests need to occur. Unfortunately, both tend to fail detection of an infection before it Read More...

4 Things parents should know a

4 Things parents should know about RSV infections this year

Pediatricians are reporting record numbers of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) this year. After a year of social distancing, young children are catching colds and flu as they head back to school and daycare, but RSV is particularly concerning as it can result in lung infection and inflammation. If Read More...

Virus or bacteria? This test a

Virus or bacteria? This test aims to tell in minutes

When you go to the doctor with a sickness you can’t seem to shake, the first thing they will usually try to figure out is if they’re dealing with a bacterial or viral infection. Bacterial infections usually require treatment with antibiotics, but prescribing them unnecessarily can contribute to Read More...

This diagnostic tool uses DNA

This diagnostic tool uses DNA sequencing to identify any infection

When doctors have to diagnose a virus or infection within a patient, usually they have to order all kinds of diagnostic tests. That’s because each one is only designed to hunt for just one specific virus, bacteria, or other pathogens in one specific type of sample, such as blood or urine. To Read More...