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Today’s Solutions: June 24, 2024

How voting rights groups are h

How voting rights groups are helping inmates vote from jail

If casting a ballot can already be a tricky process for regular citizens, you can imagine how difficult it is for inmates to vote—especially during the pandemic. Most states don’t allow felons to vote while serving their sentence. With that said, people with misdemeanor sentences do have the Read More...

Group therapy helps people in

Group therapy helps people in prison part ways with cigarettes

People who are incarcerated in American prisons smoke cigarettes and use other tobacco products at disproportionately higher rates than the general adult population, which can be attributed to behavioral health conditions and mental health symptoms. Inmates likely use tobacco products to cope with Read More...



In his daily life John Wareham coaches some of the most successful and wealthy people. With his neatly combed thick white hair, his bespoke suit and professorial glasses you’d never expect him to spend his free time at a prison. And yet the psychologist, author of several novels and self-help Read More...